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Theme Preview

Theme Preview


I did not publish new theme for long time because I spend time for design. Design is very great work which helped me  to understand totally about website’s structures and needed features. And it was reason I decided to make Shiee theme.

Actually, for this theme, I expect more than about how it appears beautifully on your website. All I want is to help you to use this theme as your passion instead of a normal template. You will want to visit your site everytime and everyday.

Before purchasing this theme, you might consider about the complexities because you cannot understand about programming. Actually, it is really big trouble. Understanding about that, I built Shiee theme with many features to help you configure theme without touching code. I limited using code except the required case.



But all are not big troubles even you cannot install theme by yourself because I can support you to install it without any fee.

The theme  features you might want to know:

  • Shortcode: Easy to build and change. (No Blogger template have this feature.)
  • Navigation with Dropdown.
  • Icons by SVG format, it will adapt to any screen without low quality like PNG or JPEG format. (No template have this feature.)
  • Most view with bigger thumbnails (No Blogger template have this feature.)
  • Modern Effect while loading and scrolling (No Blogger template have this feature.)
  • Fast loading (It is built with advanced features and I think it is best).
  • Related posts feature (It is total different with other template because it loads very fast).
  • Next post and Previous post with Post titles.

And most important, it is total responsive and great for mobile devices. Nowadays, many people using smartphone as main device for surfing internet. Thus, Responsive technique is the most important for a website must have.  You can test responsive by accessing this link from your mobile phone: to see how perfect it is?  I am designer and programmer and I made this theme for ONLY needed purposes. So you can make sure that you will never regret when you decide to own this theme.

For free installation services, please follow photo below to add me as your blog author first.


To install theme by yourself, please follow steps below.  

But the first, please read how to install template xml to your blog.

Steps by Steps to install theme features:


Step 1: Install Navigation Bar And Logo


Step 2: Install Slider.


Step 3: Install Sidebar.


Step 4: Setup Instagram widget and footer.

For Instagram widget, you can access site: to get code and put it into HTML (Layout -> Instagram -> Edit -> HTML content)

To configure footer, you also need to change logo to white color because background is black, then your logo will be visible.

This is easy steps that I think you can do it by yourself.

The last, template is very cheap compared with the features it brings to you. It is just $15. Template is built by many code lines with advanced features which help your blog more beautiful and mordern.

In the future, template will come with many new Widgets. It will make you suprised. Or you also can require new feature by contact me:

Note: Installation can take 1-3 days for all days (included Saturday and Sunday). If you like this theme, you can like it, share it or leave a comment. I am so happy with any response. Thanks.


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Theme Preview

Theme Preview


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