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Complicated Contact Form For Blogger Blogspot.

Form Demo

Form Demo


Hello. Welcome to this service.

You are using Blogger and there is no option for you to create a Form for your website like:

– Contact Form with more fields like phone number, date of birth, etc.
– Research Form
– Reservation Form for Restaurant website.
– Application Form for company website.
– And much more, up to your need.


I provide this service to help you create any kind of form.
Content from visitors will directly send to your email address. (

Example :
Or click Reservation on this website:

If you have no idea you can search on Google:
I am so happy to create form for your website.



I will install all from A->Z

– Choose page position you want to add style you want.
– Give me your blog admin permission:
Dashboard -> Setting -> Basic -> Add Author -> Put my email. My email is shown in your downloaded file.

This feature will complete in 1-2 day since I have your blog admin permission.

Additional information

Form Demo

Form Demo


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