How To Install SandyTheme Blogger Templates.

This article guide you how to install Sandytheme’s Blogger Templates.

By default, Blogger supports two methods to help you install templates.

  • Automatic Installation by uploading XML file template. (*xml)
  • Manual Installation by Copying XML code and pasting to HTML editor.

Because of uploading XML will save your old widgets from old templates, then it can affects to Sandytheme’s struture. I recommend you the second method to upload template.

Step by Step below will help you to install template successfully.

Step 1: Open Zip file.

*Zip file is supported for extracting by default on Windows 7 and later. You also can use Winzar or Winzip software to extract this file.

Extract *zip file. It contains template xml file and instructions. The folder will look like this photo below.

Extract *zip file.

Step 2: Access Folder -> Template -> filename.xml

The folder will contain two folders (template and documentation). Please open ‘template‘ folder  you will see a file name is name.xml

Step 3: Copy XML Code

XML file can be opend by some editor software. For Windows, the simplest and greatest software is Notepad++.

And if you are using Mac, you can use Sublime Text  or other free Editors. Those software are total free.

If you are using Windows 10, you can edit directly with Notepad. After opening by Editor software, you can copy all XML code.

Step 4: Paste to ‘Edit HTML’ mode in Blogger

From Blogger Dashboard -> Theme -> Edit HTML

Paste all copied code to code area then click Save theme

That is done. You can browse your website to see the change.  Since you apply new Sandytheme template, you will need to follow instruction file to install “Widgets“.

The instruction file inside purchased file which you extract above.

If you have any questions or get any troubles about installing template, do not hesitate to give us questions any time.

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